The Hybrid Natural Set combines classic and volume lash extensions to achieve a balanced, natural look with added volume and length. It’s perfect for clients seeking a subtle yet enhanced appearance for everyday wear.

The Hybrid Volume Set offers a more dramatic and voluminous look by combining classic and volume lash extensions. It’s suitable for clients who desire a fuller, glamorous effect while still maintaining a natural appearance.

The Full Set Classic involves the application of individual lash extensions to each natural lash, providing a classic and timeless look with added length and definition. It’s an ideal choice for clients seeking a traditional eyelash extension style.

The Classic-Natural Set enhances the natural lashes by adding length and subtle volume, resulting in a soft and natural look. It’s suitable for clients who prefer a more understated appearance while still enjoying the benefits of lash extensions.

Eyelash in-fill services are designed to maintain the appearance of lash extensions by filling in any gaps or lost lashes. The 3-week in-fill option helps clients maintain the longevity and fullness of their lash extensions between appointments.

The Removal service is for clients who wish to have their eyelash extensions safely removed. It’s a gentle and non-damaging process that helps protect the natural lashes while effectively removing the extensions.