Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo

Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo

Every woman knows that well applied eyeliner will accentuate the eyes, making lashes look darker and thicker and giving your eyes that certain sparkle.  However, applying your own eyeliner is difficult and time consuming and, if you need glasses to see, an almost impossible mission to accomplish!

With Cosmetic Tattoo, your eyeliner is applied in the colour and style you choose… from soft and natural to a more glamorous look.  Whatever the choice, one thing is for certain… you can throw out those messy pencils and liquid eyeliners for good.

Positioned on the lash line, this technique will give the appearance of volume to the lower lashes while creating balance and brightening the eye area.

Applied amongst the upper lashes to add volume and density, a beautifully neat and detailed liner that will also add shape and length to the eye to create a little drama.

For those who like things a little more dramatic… a thicker, ‘liquid’ liner look.