Eyebrows Cosmetic Tattoo

Eyebrows Cosmetic Tattoo

Not everyone needs the Cosmetic Tattooing procedure done on their eyebrows, but anyone who has been living with the headache of having to pencil in their eyebrows every single day, this procedure is a welcomed relief.

Imagine the time you will save, let alone the confidence you will feel knowing that no matter what you do, your eyebrows will be there, perfectly applied in a flattering shape and colour, day and night.

Poor eyesight, gaps, scars, missing ends or for anyone who loves a full or bold brow look our Powder Brow or Hairstroke Brow styles are the perfect answer.

Consultation is necessary prior to all Eyebrow procedures to determine which style and technique is best suited to your skin type and existing brow profile.  During your consultation, we will draw on a suggested brow shape and style for you to ‘preview’ and have a discussion about suitable colour options for your new brows

Suitable for most skin types and available in a large range of colours from soft, champagne brown to rich, dark ebony… our Powder Brow style is a versatile option for those wanting some stylish glamour that will last up to 5 years or more.

Our hairstroke technique will create fine, hair-like strokes throughout the brow to add fullness and definition while retaining a natural look.  While not suitable for all skin types, Hairstroke Brows are the perfect choice for those who require a medium to dark colour but don’t want a heavy make-up look.

The perfect choice for those with little or no natural brow hair.  This style combines the Hairstroke look with some soft shading to add depth and realism to the brow design.