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Facial Waxing

Our unique style of hot waxing is unlike anything you have ever tried before. Our high quality wax is non-irritting and gentle and can be used on all areas of the face and body. The warming heat allows hair follicles to relax and release their grip, making hair removal relatively painless. Combine this with the fact that our Latin Style waxing is less messy, less sticky and less invasive and you'll realise there's a whole other side to waxing that's almost enjoyable.

For Women


Club Price

Upper Lip $15.00 $13.20
Nostrils $20.00 $17.60
Chin $15.00 $13.20
Lip with Nostrils $31.00 n/a
Lip and Chin $27.00 n/a
Lip, Chin, Nostrils $44.00 n/a
Sideburns $17.00 $14.96
Full Face - no brows $50.00 $44.00
Full Face with Brow Tidy $59.00 n/a
Full Face with Brow Maintenance $67.00 n/a
Full Face with Brow Sculpt $89.00 n/a

For Men

    Club Price
Brow Trim and Simple Tidy $26.00 $13.20
Brow Shape includes trimming $35.00 $30.80
Ears $26.00 $22.88
Nostrils $35.00 $30.80