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3D Brows & Colour Correction


    Club Price
Powder Style Brows $495.00 $435.60
Hair Stroke Style $560.00 $492.80
3D Style Combination $785.00 $690.00

Not everyone will need the Cosmetic Tattooing procedure done on their eyebrows, but for anyone who has been living with the headache of having to pencil in their eyebrows every single day, this procedure is a welcomed relief. Imagine the time you will save let alone the confidence you will feel knowing that no matter what you do, your eyebrows will be there, perfectly applied in a flattering shape and colour, day and night. Poor eyesight, gaps, scars, missing ends or just over plucked into a horrific shape, no matter what the reason, if your brows need help, then Cosmetic Tattoo is the answer.

Eyebrows HairStroke



Powder Brow